Torticollis Treatment with Physical Therapy
Licensed Therapist: Marissa Servello, PT, DPT, ATC

Torticollis Treatment in Hoboken, NJ
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Torticollis Treatment

Treating torticollis with physical therapy

Torticollis is a condition defined by an abnormal, asymmetrical head or neck position. Many conditions may lead to the development of torticollis including: muscular fibrosis, congenital spine abnormalities, decreased blood supply to the muscle, difficulty during delivery, and positioning of the baby inside the uterus during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

It is highly important to have torticollis treated to prevent a permanent shortening of the involved muscles.  In addition, therapy can help avoid needed surgery and decreases head and neck pain.

Our approach

Marissa Servello, PT, DPT, ATC will perform an evaluation to assess the child’s passive range of motion, active range of motion, muscle tightness, muscle strength and gross motor skills. Other conditions will be checked for including hip dysplasia and spine problems. Physical therapy may include active and passive stretching of the neck and shoulder muscles. Positioning and handling techniques may also be utilized to correct the child’s posture.

Instructions may also be provide for the family to perform at home on a daily basis.

Objectives of physical therapy for torticollis

  • Improve child’s ability to turn head left and right
  • Improve child’s ability to bring chin to chest.
  • Improve child’s ability to orient their head to midline against gravity.
  • Encourage child to lift head against gravity while lying on stomach.
  • Achieve normal weight bearing and shifting over upper extremities.
  • Encourage symmetrical use of upper extremities.
  • Allow child to experience proper weight shifting during developmental activities including sitting, rolling, creeping, and walking.

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