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Review - I had a pain on my right shoulder and my left side from the shoulderdown to my leg.I could sleep at night but after a few months. I feel really good.Thanks to DR. Michael because he really helped me.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Carlos  (2009-04-09 )

Review - I highly recommend Dr. Mike. I have a herniated disc that has caused me chronic pain. I was in PT for 4 months with out any results. I started seeing Mike and had immediate results. He is an excellent chiropractor. Anyone suffering with back pain should feel confident in his hands.
Lauren G
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
(2009-02-10 )

Review - I started going to Dr. Mike a few months ago. I have never felt better. I was having chronic headaches, numbness in my hands, and other stress induced symptoms and after seeing Dr. Mike for just a short time, all of my problems are gone. I now go for regular adjustments, and Dr. Mike is great.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Matt  (2009-01-22 )

Review - As a chiropractor for 17 years, I know a good doc when i find one. I just moved to Jersey this fall, and so immediately sought the services of a good chiropractor. Dr. John is the real deal. He's got great hands and a big heart. He's all about serving his patients to the best of his ability with a humble, caring nature. Of course, if you're in NYC come see me! But if you're on the west side of the river, you can't do better than Dr. John!
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Dr. Tim Merrick  (2008-11-27 )

Review - Dr. Rotundo is a gifted chiropractor. This in itself would make it worth your while to see him, but he is also a very caring and professional doctor. He always takes as much time with me as I need. I never feel rushed, always feel listened to, and always feel better after an adjustment. I have a chronic neck problem, so I go in on a regular basis for maintainence therapy, and after 2 years he's still as responsive to me as he was at the first visit. And he's open on Saturdays--always a plus! There's no funny business in his office; it's a great, caring vibe. I mean really--what are you waiting for? Go and see Dr. John.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - J-la  (2008-07-08 )

Review - We just moved here in December. Finding a good chiropractor was a must. I hurt. It has not been easy. Don't ask! 2 folks recommended Dr R. They were right about him. Good guy, solid work, well functioning office, and is not too egotistical to listen, and also to admit when he doesn't know about something. Thank goodness I found him!
Product or Service - 45/50  Customer Service - 45/50
Reviewed by - craig kellem  (2008-03-27 )

Review - I saw Dr. R. for tightness in the middle of my back and pain/burning in my left hand. I need my hands to work as well as play and was depressed after seeing a neuroloist, who offered me only drugs or surgery as an option. I saw Dr. R. twice a week, as he recommended. and within 3 months, the burning was gone and the catch in my back was released. It took time, but now, 2 years later, I am still free of pain. I go to see Dr. R. every couple of weeks now to make sure everything stays in place. Sometimes I let myself go too long and my back gets tight, but I call him for an appointment and--all is well! He is Fantastic, a true healer. He is gentle, thoughtful and cares about his patients. I feel very lucky to have him as my chiropractor and recommend him highly.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - C.C.  (2008-03-17 )

Review - i have been treated by dr. rotundo for the better part of 15 years.because i am often traveling i have had the opportunity to be treated by numerous chiropractors over the years.dr. rotundo is by far the best chiropractor i have been treated by . he is knowledgeable , courteous and professional.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
(2008-01-18 )

Review - (Short @ Sweet) John has got to be the best solution to any Chiropratic problem you ever experience!!! Luckily I live in Hoboken. If I ever move I would take the trip no matter how far it is to have Dr. Rotundo help me resolve my problem. Take Advantage of his experience!
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Marty D.  (2007-12-18 )

Review - Dr. Rotundo is THE BEST. I have been going to him for years and he is easily my favorite doctor. I have a back injury that used to cause severe headaches and a misalignment in my lower back that causes chronic back aches and knee pain. All of the aches and pains are gone since I've been seeing Dr. Rotundo! Dr Rotundo doesn't do anything he doesn't have to or ask you to come in more than necessary. He takes the time to work with every patient and takes a genuine interest in fixing your problems. If you're going to another chiropractor - change NOW. If you've never been to one, you will be in very good hands with Dr. Rotundo.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - ASH  (2007-10-31 )

Review - I suffer from a herniated disk. Dr. Rotundo aka The Doc has been very patient and understanding to my pains. He does what needs to be done to fix the pain. He doesn't pursue on asking you to come in unless he knows you need the therapy. His performance and expertise is execellent!
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Mari  (2007-10-12 )

Review - I went to Dr. Rotundo bc of intense sacroilliac pain around the 31st week of my pregnancy. I had been limping for two weeks and I was very nervous to see a chiropractor during the pregnancy. I had also been told the pain could continue as long as I nurse (due to hormones). Within a few days my limp was gone and my back has felt much better since. Dr. Rotundo did a wonderful job. He was sensitive to and very knowledgeable about my situation. I'd definitely recommend him to other pregnant women.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Emily  (2007-04-30 )

Review - Dr.Rotundo is the best! Really, he is. All the reviews above are absolutely true. He really cares about his patients and takes the time to get to know them and help them. In addition to being a great doctor, he also will work with you and your insurance and do his best to help you out. He does not look at you like a paycheck as many other doctors do. I can not say enough great things about Dr.Rotundo and the time and care he has put into making me feel better. I have referred my sister and my roommate to him and they were both extremely happy with the service he provided.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Linda  (2007-04-05 )

Review - Dr. Rotunda has helped me tremendously over the past few months. He takes his time with you, provides great theraputic massage and always considers the patient's comfort level and sensitivities. I feel better than I've felt in a year, and it's all thanks to him!
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
(2007-03-28 )

Review - I agree with the previous comments. Dr. Rotundo is a fantastic chiropractor. He's friendly, knowledgeable, and capable. He has fixed my back pain 100% of the time and focuses on getting me better, not coming in incessantly the way some chiropractors do. Naya is awesome also and takes excellent care of the whole insurance side of things. I would not go to anyone else.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
(2007-01-10 )

Review - Dr. John is one of a kind. I've been to a few differnet Chiropractors in my life, but none have been as personable or as genuine as he is. His main goal is to make you feel better from whatever is bothering you. No service plans, no 3 times a week for 4 months BS. He talks to his patients as a friend and helps you understand why you are in pain. I recommend him as a switch from whoever you are seeing now or a MUST for someone who has never been to a chiropractor.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Paul E  (2006-10-23 )

Review - I just read what someone wrote about Dr. Rotundo and want to say I absolutley agree, he's the best. He's not about hooking you into repeat visits. He fixes what needs fixing and tells you to only come back if you have problems. He's a great guy.
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
(2005-09-09 )