Tips To Improve Coordination & Balance

Coordination and balance are two essential conditions in the performance of any action that involves movement and requires adequate body control.

Improving balance and coordination will provide lots of benefits. Having exceptional balance and coordination helps avoid falls, improves strength, increases flexibility, and makes you feel healthier overall.

Coordination can be defined as the ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently. Coordination is marked by the ability to move through a complex set of movements in a harmonious manner.

Balance is a key component of coordination. It can be defined as the quality that allows us to maintain a position. Balance can also be described as a state of physical equilibrium. In other words, balance is the ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling.

Here are a few simple tips to help improve balance and thus, coordination.

Strengthen the core. This can be achieved as simply as performing any exercise or yoga pose on one foot. Try standing on one foot for as long as possible. To maintain balance, your core must become activated. Over time, your core strength will improve. Move on to more challenging exercises such as single leg squats.

Try performing some exercises with eyes closed. This can help identify and tune into the sensations your body is experiencing. When you close your eyes, you lose the visual cues that your brain is accustomed to, so it has to work harder to balance. This permits the brain to connect more acutely with your muscles.

Learn a new dance routine! Dancing is a great way to improve your coordination because it involves the entire body and requires the brain to coordinate every muscle group at once in a required sequence. If you think your coordination is lacking, try learning a new dance routine and practice it every day – you’ll be surprised how quickly you improve!

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